Honda Maintenance Minder

To Help Honda Owners know when Scheduled Maintenance is due; Honda has introduced the Maintenance Minder System. Below are some commonly asked Questions and the Answers for how your Maintenance works.

Q: How does the Honda Maintenance Minder work?

A: Honda no longer has a “recommended maintenance time/mileage schedule.” To save you, the customer, time and money Honda created the Maintenance Minder system to show the engine oil life in the information display, letting the vehicles owner know when the engine oil needs replacing and maintenance is due. Your vehicle shows engine oil life as a percentage. Your vehicle will start with 100% oil life and over time as you put miles on the vehicle it will wind down to 0% signaling the oil life is over.

Q: How does the Honda Maintenance Minder know when the 0% trigger occurs?

A: The onboard computer system in your vehicle continuously monitors the engine operating conditions such as speed, engine and ambient temperature, time and the vehicle use. The system will count down the vehicle’s oil life based on these conditions to determine when an engine oil change and maintenance is necessary.

Q: How do I operate the Maintenance Minder System?

A: As the on-board computer continuously monitors the vehicle, your Maintenance Minder provides continuous information regarding the remaining oil life in the vehicle. You can simply press the Select/Reset knob on the information display to view your oil use progression. To return to the odometer just press the Select/Reset knob. Also, each time your vehicle is turned on the information center will automatically display the percentage of remaining oil life. When the on-board computer determines the vehicle has reached 15% remaining oil life it will turn the Maintenance Minder Light and codes on for you.

15%Service Due SoonPlan to take your vehicle to your local Honda Dealer for Service
5%Service Due NowTake your vehicle to your local Honda Dealer for Service Now.
0%Service Past DueYour vehicle Service is overdue. Take your vehicle to your local Honda Dealer for Service now

Q: What happens to the Maintenance Minder if I do not perform maintenance when the remaining life gets to 0%?

A: Once your vehicle reaches 0% the maintenance minder will begin to show negative mileage. This indicates how many miles your vehicle service is past due.

Q: Along with the Wrench Symbol and the Percentage of remaining life, there is sometimes a letter and/or a number displayed. What do they mean?

A: All maintenance items will be displayed in code. There is a main code and a sub code. When your Maintenance Minder comes on there will always be a main-code, and at times there will be a sub-code. Please refer to your owner’s manual, Honda service history booklet and the following chart to interpret the code:

AReplace just the Engine Oil
BReplace the Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Inspect Front and Rear Brakes, Check the Parking Brake Adjustment, Inspect other items specific to the vehicle

1Rotate Tires
2Replace the Air Cleaner Element, Check the Drive Belt, Replace the Dust and Pollen Filter
3Replace the Transmission Fluid and Transfer Fluid (if equipped)
4Replace the Spark Plugs, Replace the Timing Belt (if equipped), Inspect the Water Pump or Valve Clearance
5Replace the Engine Coolant
6Replace Rear Differential Fluid (if equipped)

Q: Why will there always be a Main Code?

A: The system has been designed to maximize customer convenience. The main codes are specific to each user and are triggered based on the vehicles operating condition.

Q: Why is there only sometimes a Sub Code?

A: The sub-code items are similar to the maintenance schedules of the past, based on a time and mileage schedule. The Maintenance Minder calculates time as it factors vehicle usage and will either move up or delay the sub code so these services are done at the same time as the main codes. For example, if the tire rotation is normally done at 7,500 miles but your oil life ends at 6,500, the system will move up the tire rotation; saving you from having to come back in 1,000 miles or putting off for 5,500 miles.

Q: How many Miles can I expect to go between oil changes when using the Maintenance Minder System?

A: The maintenance minder varies by driver because each drivers driving habit are unique. The Honda Maintenance Minder adjusts the maintenance intervals based on engine operating habits, driving habits and the climate where the vehicle is operated in. For most people who combine city and highway driving will need maintenance at approximately 6,000 miles. If you maintain constant driving habits you can expect your mileage between services will stay consistent.

Q: Typically my Honda Maintenance Minder light comes on at 6,500 miles, but I am only at 4,500 miles and I am going on vacation. I want to have my service completed before I go. What should I do?

A: Honda recommends that you follow your Maintenance Minder. If you do choose to maintenance your vehicle early, be sure that the Maintenance Minder light is reset, keeping the main-codes and sub-codes synchronized.

Q: The Honda Maintenance Minder is telling me I need a ‘B’ Service. Is there a problem if I choose to only do the ‘A’ Service?

A: Yes. The Maintenance Minder is not just an oil change indicator. The Maintenance Minder recommends for the entire vehicle’s maintenance. When proper maintenance is followed you realize the following benefits:

  • Continued Reliability
  • Longer Vehicle Life
  • Continued Warranty Coverage
  • Better Resale Value

Q: What do I do if I had the improper/not recommended service completed?

A: If the Maintenance Minder light was reset the maintenance schedule has also been reset. By doing this your Honda Maintenance Minder will no longer be able to properly predict the required maintenance. Your Honda dealer is able to reset the Honda Maintenance Minder. Resetting the Maintenance Minder is not as simple as Resetting the dash light and you may be charged. Your Honda Technician will have to use the Honda Diagnostic System (HSD) Computer to do a forced activation, allowing your vehicle to have proper time and mileage set.

Q: I use Synthetic Oil. Should I expect to get more miles before the Honda Maintenance Minder indicates that service is due?

A: Synthetic oil is not recommended by Honda. Your Honda has been designed and engineered to run properly on the oil type recommended in your owner’s manual. The Maintenance Minder calculates your vehicles needs based on the recommended oil by Honda engineers that designed your engine. Using synthetic oil will not extend your service interval.

Q: I have taken my vehicle to a non-Honda facility and had the oil changed, the facility did not know how to reset the Honda Maintenance Minder light. Will my Honda dealer reset this for me?

A: It is important to complete all work that is recommended by the Maintenance Minder. Your Honda dealer would be doing you and your vehicle a disservice if all of the recommended work has not been completed.

Q: Should I be checking my oil level with the Honda Maintenance Minder System?

A: Yes. The Maintenance Minder DOES NOT sense oil level. Please reference your Honda owner’s manual recommendations for Service Station Procedures.

Q: I have a need to know what the next recommended service on my Honda will be. Can a Honda technician tell me this?

A: Absolutely. Your Honda technician or advisor can use the Forced Activation mode to determine what your next recommended services are. The option to check this will only work if your oil life is between 100% and 16%. Once the vehicle has reached 15% your next recommended service will turn on automatically.

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