Millennials: Check Out the 2024 Honda HR-V

December 15th, 2023 by

A gray 2024 Honda HR-V is shown parked near a cafe after visiting a Honda dealer near me.

Each generation in our society has been defined by unique trends, events, and people that have impacted our culture with significant change. The Silent Generation is defined by their resilience, perseverance, and dedication to family, becoming the benchmark for enduring hardship. More recently, Gen Xers laid the foundation for contemporary political, social, and intellectual beliefs, shaping progress and tolerance.

Then, there are the Millennials, known most prominently as the tech-savvy generation that has wholeheartedly embraced technology and its use in everyday life. This tech-centric approach has saturated the auto industry, populating your search for a “Honda dealer near me” with an abundance of tech-forward vehicles.

One of these such vehicles is the 2024 Honda HR-V, otherwise known as the Millennial’s dream machine—or, at least, we think so. The HR-V is a tech-powered wonder tailored for digital denizens who not only appreciate technology but revel in it. From sophisticated safety features to advanced connectivity, the HR-V is everything you could hope for from this tech-centric generation.

Connectivity Redefined

Inside the HR-V, Honda has created a perfectly balanced cabin, sharing modern and classic touches throughout. The heart of this cabin is the color touchscreen that sits front and center and acts as the connectivity hub. While the touchscreen is all modern, the dash is offset with classic honeycomb trim to provide an equipoise of past and future. Here at Eskridge Honda, we know the value of mixing innovation and timelessness—an idea exhibited eloquently in the HR-V.

The HR-V provides seamless integration of your life with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The connection between phone and car lets you bring your daily life with you, easily and safely accessing applications, data, and—most importantly—contacts. Ditch the mess of wires tying you down and check out the wireless options of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and see what it means to cut the cord. Take it a step further with wireless phone charging, offered thanks to a charging pad that conveniently and neatly offers a boost to those tired devices—so make “the low-battery blues” a thing of the past!

To ensure you always have a way to stay connected, the HR-V is equipped with Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and Streaming Audio. You can make calls, send texts, and listen to music without handling your phone. Bluetooth is a tried-and-true technology that has been safely connecting us for two decades and continues to do so in the HR-V. USB ports finish off the connectivity options, providing more ways to plug in and charge up.

The black interior and dash in a 2024 Honda HR-V is shown.

Improved Safety

With advancements in technology come advances in safety, something that is becoming increasingly evident when looking at the auto industry. Crumple zones and airbags were once the epitome of safety, but now we have smart sensors, cameras, and autonomous algorithms that take safety to a whole new level. We have become accustomed to the technology available in cars today, but if you were to rewind time (even if only by fifteen years), you would be starkly reminded of just how far things have come.

Like pretty much every Honda today, the HR-V is stacked with safety features, many of them wrapped up nicely in the Honda Sensing suite. These features cover most conceivable circumstances, doing their part to make you feel safer and more confident. The suite offers multiple smart functions, like the Collision Mitigation Braking System with Forward Collision Warning; to say that this system works like magic would be an understatement, as it can predict the potential for a collision and provide both an alert and braking to minimize damage.

This suite also includes Road Departure Mitigation with Lane Departure Warning and the Lane Keeping Assist System, which work as a second set of hands and eyes, keeping you on the straight path ahead. Tired driving, distracted driving, and even cocky driving can lead to lane drifting and lane switching at the most inopportune time. These safety features pay attention, helping guide you along the way. Even programs like Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow and Traffic Jam Assist have your back, providing a somewhat autonomous response to changes in traffic. The last feature—Traffic Sign Recognition—is a simple yet effective program that makes sure you never have to ask, “What’s the speed limit around here?” again.

Another safety feature granted by the tech generation is the Auto High-Beam function. This is one safety feature that many of us have wished for time and time again, and—at last—the tech gods heard our plea. Auto High-Beam Headlights do the thinking on your behalf, automatically dimming when oncoming traffic is detected; no more being blinded or blinding others while on a dark and winding road—something we can confidently say that everyone appreciates.

The black interior in a 2024 Honda HR-V is shown.

Stellar Performance

Technology has been playing a significant role in performance for quite some time, and it’s only getting better. Specially tuned engines, smart drivetrains—you name it and technology has left its impact. Real-Time AWD (available on the HR-V) is a product of performance tech, providing electronically controlled power distribution based on real-time conditions; sensors on the HR-V read different data inputs and react accordingly, providing more control and, therefore, increased road safety.

This technology comes in handy for a range of scenarios, like varying road conditions or improved cornering. Slick roads are taken on with ease thanks to the Real-Time AWD system—and since conditions can change instantly, you won’t be caught off guard when rain, sleet, or snow hits. This system also helps improve cornering, providing optimal power to the rear when needed. Even driving up an incline is no match for this all-wheel drive system, providing the oomph you need to keep on rolling.

The HR-V has another tech ace up its sleeve: the CVT. This is a shiftless transmission that provides a smooth and seamless acceleration experience. What was once dictated by a change in fluid pressure and gears is now controlled by the complex workings of a computer. Even the efficiency of the HR-V is manipulated by technology, offering a road to a greener and brighter tomorrow.

Another tech masterpiece that brings the HR-V to life is Honda’s Dual Overhead Camshaft Variable Timing Electronic Control system, or DOHC VTEC. By using electronics to manipulate the timing, lift, and duration that the valves are open, this sophisticated control system improves performance and fuel consumption for all-around better efficiency. This system is simply elegant and a serious perk for the HR-V.

Millennials & the HR-V

The HR-V drives into 2024, still glowing from its refresh in 2023, working the blacktop the way it deserves to. Slated as Honda’s entry-level SUV, the HR-V offers a reliable, efficient design wrapped in handsome styling for a price you just can’t beat. With so much to offer, the HR-V is an SUV we can get behind but would rather get into.

The HR-V is a Millennial’s dream machine flush with technology. From connectivity that will have you singing to safety features that have their sensors on the road at all times, the HR-V combines mechanics and electronics for a symphony that’ll keep you humming along. The newest generation of tech has played an enormous role in the auto industry, and we can only imagine how future generations will contribute and where the next Honda HR-V will take us.