High Expectations for the 2025 Honda Pilot

May 10th, 2024 by

A blue 2025 Honda Pilot TrailSport is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a Honda dealer near Blanchard.

Every year, the auto industry fills the streets with new models, and the anticipation surrounding each new release is palpable. Among the highly anticipated entries for 2025 is the Honda Pilot, which will soon be available at a Honda dealer near Blanchard like ourselves. As we look forward to its release, there are questions about what can be expected. Will the Pilot carry over untouched, or will it find changes in the new year?

While some may expect a dramatic redesign, the 2025 Honda Pilot takes a different approach, focusing on refinement rather than reinvention. It was only a few short years ago that the Pilot received an overhaul for the 2023 model year, and it would be a pity to move on from those well-received upgrades and modifications. Known for its reliability, versatility, and overall excellence, the Pilot has long been a favorite among SUV enthusiasts, and it’s nice to know that we can still expect the same level of greatness in 2025.

The History of the Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot was first introduced in 2002, and it started by pushing boundaries and defying expectations as the industry’s first mainstream three-row SUV to use a unibody platform. This equated to a smoother ride than traditional SUVs, making it the perfect vehicle to answer the growing demand for SUVs. The Pilot saw success immediately, gaining popularity for its practicality, reliability, and versatility. Its comfortable interior, ample cargo space, and available all-wheel drive system made it a favorite since it fits so many different lifestyles and needs.

The second generation of Pilot hit the market for the 2009 model year, this time embracing the rugged aesthetic that makes SUVs “utility vehicles” in the first place. Increased power was provided by new technologies, appealing to the adventurer, while advanced infotainment features graced the interior. Features like the Honda DVD Rear Entertainment System were an added benefit for families, once again showing how versatile the Pilot could be.

The third generation of the Pilot premiered in 2015, and it introduced loads of features that we consider to be standard today. Tools like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connected the outside world with the inside world of your cabin. More safety features further improved life on the road and laid solid groundwork for the fourth generation of Honda safety.

Not too long ago, the fourth generation hit the market, this time redesigned from head to toe. Its strength improved, as the fourth generation not only brought decent towing capacity but also an off-road trim that can compete with some of the top off-roading SUVs on the market. The 2023 Pilot marked the start of the fourth generation, and as we crest into the third model year of this generation, it is exciting to imagine what might be possible.

Over the years, Honda has continued to refine and update the Pilot, keeping this model at the forefront. Updated styling, an upgraded interior, and the introduction of advanced driver assistance features have provided a basis for what we can expect moving forward. Honda has always been one to push forward, creating a competitive offering of reliable and versatile vehicles. With the 2025 model year on the horizon, we can only imagine the same ingenuity will await.

The black interior of a 2024 Honda Pilot is shown from behind the open lift-gate.

Goodbye LX, Hello Sport

One significant change we can expect is the loss of the LX trim. The LX is the base trim for the Honda Pilot—or, at least, it was. With the LX being booted from the pack, the Sport is now the base trim; as such, the Sport obviously will offer more in the way of features than the LX had. Traditionally, the base trim for most vehicles is associated with base options, offering little beyond the essentials. However, Honda has changed that by removing the LX, making the Sport trim a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a little bit of everything for a great value.

The Sport is a step up from the LX, offering some improved options such as its various drive modes, of which the LX had four: Normal, Econ, Snow, and Tow. With the Sport taking the place of the base, entry-level SUV drivers now get to enjoy five drive modes, with the aptly named Sport mode granting a boost while driving. The Sport trim also offers standard heated front seats and a power driver seat ideal for unwinding after a long day of exploring. From scenic drives along Route 62 to leisurely picnics at Lions Park, there’s no shortage of things to do in this neck of the woods, and it is all made better with the comfort of the Sport trim.

The Black Edition

Although we aren’t expecting to see a whole lot of change taking place within the Pilot’s realm, we are waiting anxiously for the all-new Black Edition to make its home in the lineup. This will be a first for the Pilot, and while it increases the overall cost of this SUV, it does add a certain sleek appeal we don’t want to miss. The Black Edition will take the Pilot to a new level of luxury and refinement; with sleek styling, this addition to the lineup promises to turn heads and will most certainly command attention.

The Black Edition lives up to its name with 20-inch Gloss Black alloy wheels and matching Black trim accents. Choose a Crystal Black Pearl finish for a black-out effect, or opt for one of the other options for an eye-catching contrast. Expect to see additional exclusive blacked-out elements, such as grille accents and mirror caps, further emphasizing the bold blend of black enhancements and traditional Pilot features. Whether cruising through city streets or embarking on a countryside adventure, the Black Edition trim is sure to make a lasting impression.

Step inside the cabin of the Black Edition, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by premium black details. Perforated black leather upholstery with red contrast stitching elevates the interior. Exclusive Black Edition badging shows off that you are riding in Black Edition style. From long road trips to daily commutes, the Black Edition trim offers a refined and indulgent driving experience that proves the Pilot has a side that appeals to everyone.

A silver 2025 Honda Pilot is shown from the rear at an angle.

The Future of the Honda Pilot

As Honda looks to the future, the Pilot remains an important part of its SUV lineup. While we can only speculate about future generations, it’s likely that Honda will continue to innovate and evolve the Pilot to meet the changing needs of the current consumer. With more than twenty years of history, it is clear that the Pilot won’t deviate from its core values of reliability, practicality, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for families and adventurers alike. With each new generation, the Pilot continues to raise the bar for what a midsize SUV can be, ensuring its place as a standout vehicle in the segment.

With the auto industry barreling toward electrification at lightning speeds, it’s possible that future iterations of the Honda Pilot may offer an electric powertrain. While we are fairly certain this won’t be an option for the 2025 model year, we have to speculate about what this long-time industry favorite might hold in the next few years. An electrified Pilot wouldn’t just appeal to eco-conscious consumers but could potentially supply drivers with more power Pilot, letting it fully embrace the “sport” part of the SUV.