Four Reasons the 2024 Honda Accord Is Worth More Than the Toyota Camry

March 15th, 2024 by


A grey 2024 Honda Accord Touring crossing through a city intersection.

If you’re shopping for a fuel-efficient midsize sedan with a comfortable cabin, smooth handling, and hybrid options, then there’s a good chance you’re considering either the Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry. These are both admirable options with long-standing reputations for making their drivers happy.

In fact, both the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord are known for having a very loyal customer base. We’ve spoken to many shoppers checking out a Honda Accord for sale this year, and the question they all seem to have most is, “Is the slightly higher MSRP worth it?”

It is true that, across the trim line of the Accord, you’ll pay a little more than you will for the Camry (just a matter of a couple thousand, depending on the trim). But, when you get a closer look at it, you’ll immediately see why the price difference is justified, as you get more than your money’s worth when you opt for the Accord. Here’s why…

#1: The Accord Has a Larger Trunk

We’ll start by taking a look at the trunks of these two models. The Honda Accord has a trunk that offers 16.7 cu.ft. of cargo space, while the Toyota Camry’s trunk offers 15.1 cu.ft. of cargo space. With 1.5 cu.ft. extra in its trunk, the Accord is simply ready to carry more stuff. It might sound like a minimal difference, but when you’re packing the trunk with belongings for all five passengers for a week-long getaway, you’ll want the extra trunk space of the Honda Accord.

At our dealership, we often speak to customers who are downsizing from a full-size sedan—or even a small SUV—to a midsize sedan, and their top concern is cargo space. We don’t want shoppers to feel that, by opting for a more fuel-efficient body style, they’ll struggle to fit all their belongings in their vehicle. And we feel confident that drivers coming from a larger vehicle won’t feel as if loading up the Honda Accord’s spacious trunk is too challenging.

#2: The Accord Has a Wider Touchscreen

Today’s drivers depend on their touchscreens for a lot. They can view their playlists here, not to mention audiobooks and podcasts; they can see their turn-by-turn directions and incoming calls. Touchscreens are the hub of the dashboard, and having a good one makes a difference—which is why we like the Accord. While both the Camry and Accord have standard touchscreens that are seven inches wide, the divergence happens when you move up to the larger options.

While the Toyota Camry has an available 9.0-inch touchscreen, the Honda Accord has an available 12.3-inch touchscreen. That’s more than three additional inches of graphics for your navigation, information on the artist you’re listening to, and more. We know that, when you’re on the road, being able to easily and quickly see the info you need on the touchscreen matters. You don’t want to have to take your eyes off the road for several seconds to try to read text on a small screen. So, the larger touchscreen of the Accord isn’t just a luxury; it’s a genuine need.

The black interior and infotainment screen in a 2024 Honda Accord for sale.

#3: The Accord Has Amazon Alexa

The Toyota Camry used to have Amazon Alexa, but Toyota removed this feature for the 2024 model, much to the dismay of its customers. With so many drivers relying on Alexa-enabled appliances, being able to control this smart home system from your vehicle was a major perk.

Having Alexa built-in allows drivers to control Alexa-enabled home devices and appliances—like lights and thermostats—from their vehicles. So, when you drive off for the day and realize you want to come home to the living room lights on, you can turn them on from your vehicle (so long as they’re connected to your Alexa).

You can also ask your Alexa to set reminders for you, add things to your shopping list, and even make purchases on your Amazon account, all from your vehicle. If you spend a lot of time in your car, you probably need to be able to handle daily tasks while driving. Waiting to get home to place that order for toilet paper can throw off your entire week (because you might simply forget to do it). We all know how often you’re driving and remember something you need to do. Being able to set those reminders by just speaking out to the built-in Amazon Alexa in your vehicle makes life easier. The Accord lets you do this. The Camry doesn’t.

Seeing as the Accord and Camry are both popular commuter cars, we know they’re designed to appeal to people who spend extended periods behind the wheel. So, features that streamline chores and at-home tasks make perfect sense for these vehicles. Removing Amazon Alexa from the Camry was, we feel, an odd choice on the part of Toyota.

#4: The Accord Has a Grander Interior

Many passengers and critics have noted that the interior of the Accord feels distinctly more high-end than that of the Camry. The starting trims all have quality cloth upholstery, and all upper trims have beautiful leather upholstery. However, some people feel that the fabric-trimmed upholstery of the starting Camry trims looks low-quality. Then there is the Sport SofTex upholstery of the mid-level trims, which offers a slight improvement from the fabric-trimmed ones.

Only in the upper trim, the XSE, do you finally get leather seats. But there’s a big gap in quality between the starting and high-end trim materials for the Camry.

There’s also the matter of the sound system. The premium audio system of the Honda Accord is a 12-speaker Bose one; the premium audio system for the Camry is a nine-speaker JBL one. So not only does the Accord have three more speakers for better surround-sound enjoyment, but it also has what many believe to be the superior speaker brand.

All in all, the interior materials, amenities, and design of the Accord look more refined, while the Camry’s interior leaves drivers wanting more.

Hikers walking away from a blue 2024 Honda Accord parked at a trailhead.

Find Your 2024 Honda Accord at Eskridge Honda

Are you interested in checking out the stylish, refined, and fuel-efficient Honda Accord? We have every trim of the 2024 model, including hybrid variants, and we have a team that’s eager to show them to you. We stand by the value that this vehicle offers and can confidently say that, yes, the slightly higher price tag compared to the Camry is more than worth it. In fact, once you see all of the great features inside of the Accord, you’ll realize what an incredible value it delivers for its MSRP.

Our team knows the unique features of each trim, so they can guide you in selecting the one that will best fit your needs. For years, we have sent happy drivers home in the Accord; it’s a commuter’s dream, with its awesome fuel economy figures (both in the traditional gas model and the hybrid variants), comfortable seats, and terrific technology.

We’d love to help you find yours, and once we do, our friendly finance team will help you determine how to pay for it with your financial goals in mind. When you’re ready to see why so many drivers buy the Accord again and again, we’re ready to take you for a test drive.